Doing crafts, doing crafts! I swear, our new house is resembling what I imagine Pinterest throwing up would look like.


Honestly, I’ve toned it down. Taken down a few cardboard and paper decorations that looked a little too picnic-barbecue-I-made-this-from-trash decor and replaced it with a little more put-together items.


The over-crafted look didn’t stop Collin and I from dissecting an old catalog of student art and photography and spelling out a Harry Potter reference.

Well, two.


Admittedly, we were going to put “Mischief Managed” above our bed, but seeing as we aren’t even living together yet, the innuendos aren’t quite as entertaining. 😉

Come on! You guys get it?




  1. Cat Starr · March 9, 2014

    You should totally add the mischief managed above the bed after the wedding! And on the back of your get away vehicle. I love seeing your Pinteresty home come together! Motivates me to art up my house DIY style!

  2. Amanda · March 10, 2014

    Hi Karsyn! I have been following you via instagram for a bit, but I’ve been blogging more frequently as of late, so I decided to follow you on here as well. Congrats on your engagement and home! It’s so super exciting!
    Also, I doubt you remember, but I bought the last Perma shirt from the merch table in Wilmington back in December, and you told me you were glad I got it since I was cute, and you totally made my night. So thank you for that =)

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