Busy Bliss

So, as some of you may’ve noticed, we’ve been exceptionally busy around here the past two weeks! Literally within this small amount of time our life has taken on an absolutely incredible and refreshing turn, and it wouldn’t have happened without YOUR help!

I wanted to post this thank you alongside with a few answers regarding various emails and comments I’ve received with the hopes of clearing up some of you inquisitive shoppers/readers. I’m sorry I haven’t posted more of a variety of sizes past S, M, L, and XL. I swear I’m trying! I’ve bought several things but they’ve sold so quickly that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to stock up just yet. Since this business is so fresh and shiny new, we’re still working out the kinks and always taking suggestions and constructive criticism. We’ve received some not so sweet emails regarding Bliss doing the opposite of it’s mission which is to make people feel good about themselves, and frankly, it leaves me broken-hearted! Just know that we ARE trying every time we go scoping for new garments to find plus sizes and smaller sizes to style and have available for everyone :).

Regardless of clothes, I hope everyone recognizes that we still are promoting mindfulness, positive self worth, and body image. This can be taken into consideration by anyone, despite their size, because it’s based on your mentality and your feelings about yourself. I want you to know I’m still open for emails with questions or any struggle you may be having, and I want everyone to know the sole purpose of this blog has not been forgotten!

Even these days I still struggle with my own set of body-image issues and food-related problems. I’ve been facing things that have hidden from me, things I guess I thought would vanish with my past once I got married. We’re all human and we all have our beef with ourselves, hiding it and projecting it in unhealthy ways onto ourselves or others. I’m just here to say we can work through it and we can all encourage one another!

We are so grateful here at the Bliss Headquarters that you’ve given us a chance and let us into your life in such a relatable and honest way. We love and appreciate every single one of you! ❤




  1. Amy · July 23, 2014

    Love love love! You’re doing such a good job with the store and I’m so proud of of you. Thank you for your constant source of positivity ❤❤❤

  2. Sheri · July 23, 2014

    So so proud of both of you and your POSITIVE entrepreneurial selves!! You’ve been married two months and are forging your own way to support your family and your future while doing something you love! Helping people in the process is just your typical you! You both are young yet COMPLETELY independent financially! There will always be critics….my advise is take what you can use and leave the rest.
    KK, I’ve watched you style paper dolls, stuffed animals, yourself, your friends, all of your life! This is a perfect fit for you! And your hubby is his own little style icon! I love the outfits and the pictures! No photoshop here, just REALpictures of you looking fabulous and just being your beautiful self. I know what a big deal that is for you or really for any of us who deal with body image junk. That is spreading a very positive message to all of us! Thank you! We all love and adore both of you to pieces! Sheri, Guy, Laken, Tucker, Gage. (Leo, BayBay, Bents, and Layla all say woot-woot!)

  3. Amy · July 23, 2014

    Also, please try not to worry about the not so sweet comments. Most of us realise how hard it must still be at these early stages and appreciate all the hard work you’re putting in. You’re so dedicated and hardworking and it’s clear you’re putting your heart and soul into this… People should be patient, because its already such a success! And such a positive thing too! Xxx

  4. Austen Houts · July 23, 2014

    Hi, Karsyn!

    I’ve been a huge Eisley fan since I was 14 (6 years ago), so I stumbled upon your instagram/blog last summer. I wanted to thank you for your encouraging posts and congratulate you on the success of your new blissbranch clothing business! I ordered the light pink button-down collared tank and black and white patterned pants and LOVE them!!

    I really enjoy seeing your photos, and I got married 7 weeks ago myself, so following a fellow newlywed is tons of fun!

    Good luck with everything!


  5. Daddio · July 23, 2014

    CARPE DIEM!!! You are AMAZING! You have awed, and inspired me since the day you were born. I am such a proud , proud papa. Mr Dupree is a very blessed man

  6. Amanda · July 23, 2014

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks. I stumbled across Bliss Branch when I was totally having one of those crummy body image days. This was just what I needed. What you guys are doing is awesome! Much appreciation to you both.

  7. Jessica · July 24, 2014

    Anyone who complains about what you’re doing must not be thinking about how hard it is to do what you do, and how it would be impossible to please every single person of every single size all the time! Anyone who says they think you’re doing the opposite of your mission simply doesn’t get it. I’m an XL and I got a dress! I just watched your Instagram religiously and waited my turn!😊💕

  8. adrinoodle · July 25, 2014

    I think what you’re doing is amazing. I love seeing all your posts about your outfits on the site, but I can only look cause I live in Canada 😦 Do you think you’ll ship to Canada soon? I’m sure a lot of other Canadians feel the same way as me and would love to purchase your adorable outfits! 🙂
    Much love!

  9. Paige · July 27, 2014

    Thank you! I struggle with severe depression and whenever I am at my worst, I turn to your blog or more recently blissbranch, and it gives me some hope! Just thought you should know. 🙂 You are a true instipation, and so relatable!

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