The Messy Gatsby

Many of you out there have short hair. I know you do! Whether you had grown your once short hair to an awkward length and could no longer take it and had to cut it off, or you’ve kept your hair short for years, here’s a really good way to spice up your hair yet still look natural.

This is what I call the Messy Gatsby. It’s kind of flapper hair mixed with like a camping trip in the humidity. Hey, I like a little puff!


Here’s a few things you’re gonna need. Always use a heat protective spray (green bottle) and always have a comb handy! I can also only recommend a cone curling iron that you can wrap your hair around and you won’t get some ugly crease.
Here’s my natural, air dried hair.


Just start wrapping your hair in very small chunks around the iron, holding on there for only around 3 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you leave chunks or straight pieces.








After you spray it and smooth down the roots, go ahead and brush it out. All of it! It’ll be a little fluffy, just spray it again! From a healthy like one foot distance, no chrunchy curls here!


One comment

  1. littlerobotic · October 4, 2014

    Love it. You rule.

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